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Why Sex Does Not Mean Intimacy?

Sex does not always portray love. A lot of people mistakenly think sexual intercourse is the language of passion, trust, and acceptance; for this belief, it wounds plenty of souls, causing an immense heartache. When we believe that our body is enough for someone, it forces us to do unbelievable things that cause huge regret and self-pity. In other words, sex is not the best way for you to create great intimacy with someone. When someone loves you for your body, then maybe you should start to ask yourself if it is love at all.

Intimacy effectuates, letting your guard down to reveal your genuine self to your partner. Showing your true colors with someone you deeply love can certainly cause extreme agitation in fears to fill rejected for being who we are. But the truth is, being true to yourself is the only key to a robust relationship. Moreover, intimacy is the cause of sexual passion. Many differences can be listed between casual sex and intimate sex; though it both offers a body, the intimate sex is more of a passionate love-making, and it demands more love than lust. It may sound cliché, but the thing is, it always happens to people. Even though they know the difference between casual sex and intimate sex, plenty of them still falls for the trap of casual sex. 

Another thing about intimacy is you can’t just have it easy. It takes plenty of challenges and an ample amount of time to attain it, and the essential thing is, you should not be the only person to work on that for your relationship. Both of you must face it together.

Sex is just everywhere, and you can have it to anyone. But having a person whom you can have an honest conversation with, share your day and thoughts without even receiving judgment and rejection is a complete gold—and just like gold, it’s hard to find.

Passions and Pleasures written by Katie Santee is a compilation of twelve short stories about lust, love, romance, loss of innocence, and trust. Perhaps, you are in a state of confusion regarding sex and intimacy; and this book will help you learn more about it. Santee’sbook will enlighten you why sex does not equalize to intimacy, as this book tells a story where you can gain enough insights and somehow prepare yourself for possible acquaintances. Books are not always about fiction stories, and it does not only provide entertainment as well. It can also be a source of solid knowledge where you can gear up yourself to any situation. To wrap it up, Santee’sbook will help you answer your question in love while it entertains you with relatable stories.

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