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Wisdom as the Past’s Gift

“Look to your past to find your future.”

Remnants of the past can generate a beautiful story for the present. Author Maggie Taylor-Saville just did that. She gave life to her family's history and transformed it into a masterpiece entitled "The Eucalypt Tree."

About the book

The Eucalypt Tree is a fictional story based on the real-life lives of two German brothers and three English sisters.

Maggie Taylor-Saville introduces characters who reflect individuals of the current civilization. Some with dark secrets, some stuck to their reality, some struggling, some in turmoil when thrown to rags from riches. But of course, it features hope, tenacity, and compassion out of those characters. These characteristics are what make the world of darkness bearable and escapable.

The book sheds light on a family's life during the 1800s, who, through circumstances, find themselves living on the Victorian goldfields in Australia. From a luxurious living, Samuel's household turned into a brink of poverty. They faced life they deemed impossible. Like typical visionaries of today, Samuel's daughters Jessica, Annabelle, and Emma find their way to take the extra mile to bridge the abyss in their lives. Throughout their journey, they discover adventure, suffer tragedy, and realize true love. It is a story that tells us that out of something tragic; meaningful things can surface.

Maggie's inspiration for writing "The Eucalypt Tree" came after searching through her family history. As an author, historical and family narratives intrigue her. "I was inspired by the I800s era: the dress, the speech, the mannerism." After months of research, a fictional story based on facts developed. Through her creative juices, she gives readers an avenue to engage in an enticing historical adventure.

About the Author

"Times change, people don't" is a quote that impels our author. Living with this quote, she consistently takes writing and loving as her passion despite shifting time.

She’s originally a Melbourne girl from Victoria but presently lives in Brisbane, Queensland, with her husband. In her mature age, Maggie has loved writing, mainly as a travel writer, and telling stories primarily to her family for many years. She is a loving wife, mom, and grandma, and of course, a prolific writer.

Aside from her family's fictional tale and historical story, she had other published books written in different genres like romantic-spellbinding novels: Mystical Magic, Spirit of Love, Circle of the Moon; and a children’s book, The Magic Friendship Fairy.

Maggie’s books always instill a lesson. This time, through her ‘The Eucalypt Tree,' she takes us not only back to the year 1800s but also imparts takeaways about life, adventure, love, suffering, and eventually fulfillment out of the things life throws at us. She leaves readers with the notions: beautiful things undergo a tremendous process like a growing tree, and profound lessons often sprung from the past.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a copy of her book now available at

Learn more about Maggie Taylor-Saville and follow her on social media.

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