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Witches Travel Through Time to Seek Secret Truths

Stephen Sutton's saga of magic and witchcraft continues with this sequel to the "Eight Skulls of Teversham: Origin of the Witches," following a bloodline of witches through the ages to the 20th century, and the other way around as two time-travelling witches return to the past to seek answers to their origins. These are "The Adventures of the Time Witches," a journey to ancient Scotland where the protagonists encounter supernatural beings, extraordinary danger and strive to uncover the truth.

The history of witchcraft is revealed in Sutton's tale, following Natasha and Crystal, who travel through time to Alba, the old name of Scotland, where they seek out the mysterious cave dwellers of the northern regions in order to find the secrets they are hiding. They must do this because the knowledge they seek has been lost to time over the centuries. The past has its fair share of dangers, for they are no longer in the modern world but in an era when magic and supernatural forces roamed freely and wildly, unhidden and unrestrained. There are other witches to contend with, the ancestors of Natasha and Crystal's present spellcasters, along with vampires, goblins and even extraterrestrials and androids.

With this, Sutton blends fantasy and science-fiction with this exploration of the origins of witches in Scotland. All of this drives the central plot, the story of Natasha and Crystal's quest for truth, which lands them in the middle of a clash between two factions of witches. One is aligned with the light, an order using their powers for good. At the same time, the other order is composed of dark witches seeking to destroy or dominate others.

Ultimately, Natasha and Crystal will make a shocking discovery that might change what it means to be a witch. And while they come to terms with this, they must try their best to stay alive, using all their skills, powers and wits to prevail over the powerful forces after them.

"I have always had a fascination for witches and fantasy characters and stories, this is my escape from reality, the piece of me that says I want to escape and experience a different world," Sutton says. "The Adventures of the Time Witches" is a tale of escapism that nonetheless has a message, showing the importance of one's history and heritage, as well as the need for self-discovery and how one's fate is always one's choice.

About the Author

Stephen Sutton is a qualified nurse who decided after his academic years to write books. The first was about his life, living with dyslexia, being a single father and travelling around the world. After this, he explored genres such as fantasy, horror and science-fiction. He has enjoyed the process so much that he has written 30 books under various pen names.

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