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Women Are Called to Empower Other Women

In a society that looks down on women’s ability, strength, and capacity, women empowerment has been our battle cry. We have fought blood and sweat for people to hear our voices. As years passed, our society somehow learned that women are equally as important as men, but unfortunately, not everyone. There are still people who look at us as someone below them.

But the society didn’t know that when empowered women unite, power comes next. That is why it is great to see that women all around the world are using their platform to promote women empowerment. Artists create music, poetry, and all sorts of art that uplifts other women. A lot of TV shows and movies promote respect and equality for women.

There are also women author that writes some book promoting women empowerment, just like Anne Thomas, the author of The Gorgeous Mr. Zane by Harry Stefano.

At first, you might think that the book is about the romantic relationship between a girl and Mr. Zane, but this book is more than that. What makes the book interesting is that it makes a statement on current societal attitudes, challenging social norms, and the status quo.

The book mainly looks at the harsh reality of the life of a mistress. Not to be brushed under the carpet, it’s a bit of an exposé that will intrigue you; it captures the 1960s generation of free love and describes how a woman in modern times can still make choices, particularly with her love life and feel empowered by this. The book talks about how every woman is no societal puppet that can be controlled by strings. It is empowering to read such a book, and it is incredible to know that there are women, like Anne Thomas, who uses her talent and platform to spread awareness to people. It is nice to see women worldwide, joining the movement and rallying with each other to cause a spark that will become a firework for everyone to see sooner.

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