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Written Work: A Bliss and A Legacy

Writing, at its best, brings joy in life.

Harry Stefano's loved quote is "be happy!" Two words that give us abstraction. A cliché as it is, 'Happiness comes in various forms.' It could be in being part of someone's story, living a lifelong dream, making an impact, or doing the little things which make you feel alive. Our featured author found the matter that brings her joy—writing.

Recently, she stepped to a point where she needed to re-think her life's direction. She found appraisal in her efforts towards a diploma in English, which arouses her interest in writing. 'It is so demanding that I dedicate more time towards doing what I really enjoy!' which brings her to hope for nothing but to inspire others through her written works and give renewed pleasure to readers. Her pursuits mark the pinnacle of her effort to signify a writer's legacy.

As an action towards a vocation's realization, she wrote her first-ever book entitled 'The Gorgeous Mr. Zane,’ published in AuthorHouseUK. It is a book that begins as a battle of wills/sexes and questions the theme of money and marriage. The main character provides insight into the intricate details of her private life, showing a valid snapshot in time. Harry introduces readers to a character who challenges marriage and stands as a strong, resourceful, better woman.

Inspired by her life's history, past relationships, and sense of wanting to contribute, her work features an issue that is considered a societal disturbance. Specifically, she portrays the harsh reality of the life of a mistress. It captures the 1960s generation of free love. It imparts a sound position that a woman in modern times can still live by her self-imposed principles and conform not to society's stereotypical standards and attitudes.

Writing The Gorgeous Mr. Zane fulfilled her in more ways than one. 'Because it's quite a heartfelt book addressing the unspeakable (others described as the elephant in the room!) and is more than a pure love story.' The author constructed the storyline by getting to grips with the 'nuts and bolts of society' by pointing out that the main female character has 'no strings attached, reflecting the notion of an individual's freedom of choice.

Her university studies and background as a reader provide her a direction and a path to aim. Having been an avid reader of other author's written material for years, Anne paves her way to mark a contribution and writes to make her voice be heard, both by men and women.

In this world full of chaos and uncertainty, we need to establish something that can fill the void in our life, something that can bring delight to your heart and something that you do not because you must do so for whatever reason, but because it fulfills what you want to leave in this world.

Just like our author who has found her vocation through writing, have you found yours?

Get the book and know more about Harry Stefano by visiting her website at

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