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You Were Mine for A Time: Next on Your List

If you are a sucker for hot and steamy stories, you should not miss out on Katie Santee’s newest work –You Were Mine for A Time. It could even land to your list of favorite books – that is how good this book is.

Katie Santee is known for her exemplary works as an author. She writes amusing erotic romance stories that capture the heart of her readers. Her books will make you want to read more and more until you reach its last page and gets satisfied with the whole story, just like You Were Mine for a Time. What is more amazing about the book is that it contains four short yet captivating stories that will surely tempt your senses.

The four stories are entitled Hot Stuff, No Name, Doctor Kevin, and New Kind of Love. The titles seem to be a puzzle first, but as you immerse yourself into each one of them, you will find out the reason behind each title.

Hot Stuff. The story started when Dixie’s eyes were captured by a good-looking man named Ricky, while on a bus. Their first meeting wasn’t that great, and their story transitioned to steamy scenes that will make you grin and blush the whole time.

No Name. The story is simple and complicated at the same time. It started when the protagonist opened her eyes, realizing that she was in a room with a man she barely knew. Things between them get wilder and wilder as the story continues, then it will leave you hanging until you reach the last page, making you crave more.

Doctor Kevin. Well, this story is pretty good. It was about a married couple named Shannon and Kevin. The story started on Shannon’s 35th birthday, where her husband, Kevin, gave her a gift she never thought she’d have, or at least, experience.

New Kind of Love. The story is about Jake and Gigi, who met through text messaging. It is safe not to talk so much about this story because you will follow through Jake and Gigi’s story in the author’s next book called Passions and Pleasure.

Each story has its unique twist and turns, but all are complete with all of the awkward and beautiful sexual moments that come with it.

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