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Your Life, Your Choice: Finding Genuine Happiness Within Us

"I am a huge believer that happiness comes from within, that we need to believe in ourselves and who we are, we are allowed to change and should be happy to do so." - Missee Nelligan, author of the inspirational books Don't Stop, Smile for You, and You are Your Happiness.

We all have encountered certain moments in our life where attaining genuine happiness feels like a foreign word for us. We have gotten used to the saying that there is no such thing as contentment and constant joy. We believed that everything is temporary, which is why we tend to think pessimistically in life. So if you were to think about it, how can a person truly attain a happy and fulfilling life?

Missee Nelligan is an author who has been a great inspiration to many. Her big-hearted personality has touched people around her because of the genuine care and love that she showed to countless people. Despite the cruel world we lived in, the author has always believed that there is beauty in everything around us. She sees the good in people and looks for inspiration beyond what is seen with our naked eyes. Through her journey, she has gathered ideas and inspirations to write a book that will guide thousands of people in attaining genuine happiness in their life.

'You are Your Happiness' is the third book written by Missee Nelligan. It is a continuation of the first two books she has published. The book contains photography and poetry, but most importantly an inspirational content for people who are struggling to find happiness within their life.

"I believe we accept other people's opinions of us too much, none of us are perfect, and we all make mistakes. Life is different for everyone, and everyone's individuality is beautiful." - Missee Nelligan.

As the author of the book, Missee Nelligan has always believed that happiness comes from within. Despite the obstacles that we might face in life, she wanted us to open our hearts and mind that kindness and beauty are always around us. We may experience sadness or loneliness, but that shouldn't stop us from believing that we are in control of our life, just like what the author has always believed.

The title of the book 'You Are Your Happiness' caught the attention of many because of its simple yet engaging words. Through the author's writing style and beautifully illustrated pictures in the book, she inspires people that happiness is always within us. The book contains extraordinary poems that connect to people's emotions - a captivating book that will be imprinted into the hearts of its readers.

The book 'You are Your Happiness' by Missee Nelligan is surely loved by many! That is why we shouldn't miss the opportunity to experience a life-changing book that will guide us in attaining new perspectives in life. A book that will bring us positivity and encouragement as we go on to our journey. As long as we keep our heads up and open our hearts to the endless beauty that this world may give us, then we can all attain happiness and contentment.

So do not miss a chance to grab a copy of the book 'You are Your Happiness' written byMissee Nelligan!

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