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The time capsule is about a boy that was with a group of kids burying a time capsule when he was 15 to be opened 20 years later. That day he was taken away from his grandfather and fostered by an old man and woman that didn't have kids. He later joined the Air force so that he could go to college. He became a temporary operator at refineries to replace operators that were sick or injured. He had problems with others from fear that they could be replaced. They called him a scab, He began noticing things being sabotaged and would set up surveillance cameras to catch those that sabotaged pumps or anything affecting the refinery. He met an officer that he worked for in the refinery one day. he was trying to get a contract for security in the Department of Transportation. A unit he was on had problems and he approached the refinery manager and told him that he knew what was happening. He was met with resistance from the Chief operator. But he told the plant manager that he could say anything he wanted to say as long as he was right, if he was wrong he was fired. He was right and they were going to shut down the unit to repair it but he called the plant manager up to tell him that he could fix it online. The plant manager listened and let him do what he asked. Twenty million in savings had a lot to do with it. The colonel visited him that night and Erin gave him photographs of welding machines being lifted over a fence and the truck driving away. He advised him to bypass the plant manager and go straight to the corporate heads with his evidence. The officer got his contract and Erin became a corporate spy working for the officer. Later on, he heard his doorbell and when he opened it, there was a woman with 4 girls standing there, The woman turned out to be one of the kids that went to school with him when they buried the capsule. She needed money to buy some gas and other things. He gave her all he had, which was a hundred dollars but she never returned. He was left with the girls and they were frightened of him. After a couple of days, he was going to file a missing person report on the woman. The oldest girl was scared that she would be taken away from her sisters because she stabbed a man with a pair of scissors by seeing him raping her 15-year-old sister and they were on the run because her mother jumped bail. He was worried about all of them, but he had to do what he had to do. So, he left a credit card and his keys to his car on a shelf and told her that if she wasn't home when he got back, he understood. A taxi driver appeared at the door and when he told him that he needed to go to the police to file a missing person report. The driver got to talking to Erin and told him that he wouldn't get the answers he was looking for. A conversation was started and they ended up at the morgue. The taxi driver was right. She overdosed. Time passed and through conversation, problems began to be solved and he took a vacation so that he could give everyone a rest from their worries, so, they went to where he grew up in the country, When he went to town to get supplies he became involved with a man that had a smart mouth and after a few blows, he dissolved the altercation. But the man turned out to be a little brother to two deputies. After the Sheriff gave him a visit, he became suspicious and set up his equipment to protect everyone. One day, on a return trip to his house he saw smoke and he knew what happened. They left and after that, he began investigating the incident. What he uncovered was more to it than what he thought.

The Time Capsule

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